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Richard Glick is the founder of FireComp. He has many years’ experience in the health and safety industry and has worked as a firefighter and EMT. He noticed that the public were not educated on proper safety measures and decided to start FireComp.

Richard is joined by other professionals who shares his passion to educate the online community on safety procedures, fire prevention, fire hazards and much more. Together, we publish helpful guides to promote safety and fire awareness.

When you join our community, you will gain valuable insights and educational information that your entire household can benefit from.


Our team are experts in their respective fields and will share helpful guides on a regular basis. We’ll cover everything from preventing fires, to childproofing your home and CPR. Join our community and be a responsible citizen protecting those you care for.


We’ll share the top-rated resources in health, safety and fire awareness and prevention right here. These resources are not only our inspiration, but will help you in being vigilant with regards to implementing safety precautions in and around the home and office.


We encourage our community to share their own experiences and opinions. You will be able to converse with professionals and members of the public about safety issues, fire concerns and any other relevant issue that may affect you and your loved ones.

Contact us if you need some tips and advice on how to deal with specific emergencies. We’d love to lend a helping hand!