fire wood - 10 Common Fire Hazards Around the House and How to Avoid Them
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10 Common Fire Hazards Around the House and How to Avoid Them

You don’t want to live in fear, but you also don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your house caught fire and you could have prevented it. House fires can be fatal for families, and there is always some way it could be prevented. Is your house full of fire hazards? Are you aware of these and are you taking care to prevent a fire from starting in your house?

In this post we’ll share the ten most common fire hazards in and around the house, and give tips on how you can avoid a fire from starting.

1. Dress for Cooking

If you have longer hair, keep it tied up when working over a stove or open flame. Be sure you wear tightfitting clothes and that there is no risk of sleeves catching fire while you are working.

candle - 10 Common Fire Hazards Around the House and How to Avoid Them

2. Candles are Dangerous

Lit candles can be very dangerous, even more so when left unattended. For the same effect and no fire hazard, switch to using battery-operated candle lights.

3. Frayed Cables Should Be Fixed

Firstly, you need to keep a close eye on wiring throughout the house. Be sure to replace frayed cables and cords the minute you notice them as they are a big fire hazard.

4. Be Fireplace Savvy

Your fireplace and chimney should be cleaned at least once a year. Be sure you have a strong screen to prevent sparks from traveling to carpets and furniture, and never leave the fire unattended.

5. Teach Your Kids About Fire Dangers

Children are curious, and will want to play with fire or matches. Teach them that fire can be very dangerous, and that it is used as a tool to cook and heat the home and that it is not a toy.

smoke - 10 Common Fire Hazards Around the House and How to Avoid Them

6. Cigarettes can be Fatal

Smoking is not only bad for your health, they can also cause house fires. If you don’t want to quit, smoke outside and ensure your cigarette is dead before throwing the but in the trash.

7. Use Cords Sparingly

Cords can be dangerous when used in excess. Electrical fires are very common and can be prevented by using cords sparingly, sticking to three-prong cords with three-prong outlets.

8. Grill Responsibly

A grill or barbecue may be a classic family activity, but it can be a fire hazard too. Be sure you are grilling far away from railings and overhanging branches to minimize the chances of a fire spreading.

9. Be a Cautious Cook

Never leave burners unattended while cooking. If you do need to leave the kitchen, switch them off. The best is to keep your eye on the stove and oven to ensure everything is fine and that there’s no risk of fire.

heatingfire - 10 Common Fire Hazards Around the House and How to Avoid Them

10. Practice Responsible Heating

If you use portable heaters, be sure to check whether a recognized authority evaluates them. They should also be equipped with an automatic thermostat control shut off.

And that’s a wrap! Are you ready to rid your home of any possible fire hazards? If you don’t have any precautions in place, you’d better get started and be prepared in case of an emergency. In case you’ve missed this post on teaching your child key safety rules, go ahead and read it now and ensure your loved ones are safe.

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