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How to Extinguish 3 Different Types of Fires

The first thing to do in case of emergency or a fire is to contact emergency services, no doubt. But, they might take a while to reach you. Each situation will call a different approach or action, and it is more important to know whether or not you will be able to eliminate the risk instead of putting yourself or your loved ones in danger.

In this post we share some tips on how to extinguish three different types of fires. Keep in mind that if things are out of control, it’s best left to professional firefighters. Let’s get started.

gas - How to Extinguish 3 Different Types of Fires

#1: Gas Fires

Firstly, the gas needs to be shut off. Smother the fire with a rug, or using a fire extinguisher. Next, you will have to open windows and ensure there is enough ventilation to let all the gas come out. If everything is under control, call your local fire department and ask them to check all the gas pipes to ensure there is no danger of leaks.

cookheat - How to Extinguish 3 Different Types of Fires

#2: Cooking Fires

Switch off the stove and close the pan or pot with a lid. If this does not help, use baking soda or a fire extinguisher to douse flames. Keep the oven closed if the fire is in the oven, this will smother the flames, or you could throw baking soda over food. Never move the pot or pan as this will cause oil to spatter and the fire to spread. Refrain from using a fan or water.

heatfire - How to Extinguish 3 Different Types of Fires

#3: Heating Fires

If the fire is in the fireplace or your stovepipe is red you should contact the fire department immediately. Immediately switch off water heaters, radiators or furnaces. In the case of electrical heating, smother the flames. If it’s gas, you can only use water or a Type A extinguisher. For fireplaces, you can use baking soda, a Type A extinguisher or water when the fire is in the chimney.

We would however strongly advise to call the fire department should you be unsuccessful in your first attempt to extinguish the fire. Rather think of the lives of your loved ones and your own life than try to play hero. These techniques are however suitable for small house fires that can be easily put out and controlled by yourself.

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