house on fire - 7 Expert Ways to Prevent and be Prepared for a Fire
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7 Expert Ways to Prevent and be Prepared for a Fire

While we don’t like to think about the possibility of a fire in our homes or places of work, one has to be vigilant and aware of these dangers. It is your responsibility to ensure your loved ones or employees are safe and that you have taken necessary action to minimize the risk of a fire breaking out.

In this article we’ll take a look at seven precautions you can take to make your home or office fireproof.

smokedetect - 7 Expert Ways to Prevent and be Prepared for a Fire

1. Install Smoke and Fire Detectors

Smoke and fire detectors are perfect if you live or work in a bigger building. These should be placed near doors, in every room and on every floor. In the case that a fire breaks out in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to get to safety in time.

2. Keep an Eye on Wiring

Electrical fires are considered to be fatal and the most dangerous. Be sure to keep a hand on all the wiring in and around the house or office. Frayed wires may pose as a fire hazard and should be attended to once you have noticed it.

3. Be Mindful in the Kitchen

Whether you cook with gas or electricity, fires are more likely to start in the kitchen where we work with heat. Never leave the kitchen while cooking and be careful when cooking with oil. Children should be supervised in the kitchen and not allowed to get close to the oven or grill.

fireextinguisher - 7 Expert Ways to Prevent and be Prepared for a Fire

4. Buy Fire Extinguishers

It’s best to have more than one fire extinguisher, even better is to have one for every room in the house or office. This ensures you’ll have one nearby no matter what the situation or when the fire breaks out. Remember to include the garage and attic when buying extinguishers.

5. Teach Kids About Fire

Children are curious about fire, flames, matches and will always try to investigate. Be sure to educate your children, teach them the escape route and don’t allow them to use cooking appliances, matches, lighters or anything that’s intended for use by adults.

smoker - 7 Expert Ways to Prevent and be Prepared for a Fire

6. Be a Responsible Smoker

If you can, rather quit smoking altogether. But, to prevent a fire risk, be sure to smoke outside and not indoors. Avoid smoking indoors if there is someone who use oxygen. Finally, always make sure that the cigarette is dead before leaving.

7. Have Escape Points

You should have more than one escape points that is easily accessible from multiple points of the house or office. Once you have established the exit points, show your family or employees what to do in the case of an emergency evacuation.

There will be of course cases where you won’t be able to prevent a disaster to strike. You are however able to ensure your house or office is free of fire hazards, and that you have accessible escape points. Being prepared is much better than not being aware of a possible fire hazard or what to do in the case that a fire breaks out.

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