fire water - 6 Important Home Safety Rules Your Child Must Know
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6 Important Home Safety Rules Your Child Must Know

Does your child know what the safety rules of your home are? Do you have an established list of safety rules to protect your child from detrimental catastrophes? We’re sure you do. We have however compiled our list of absolute musts to be included in any household’s safety rules.

Here we’ll share our top pick of safety rules your child must know off by heart. This will ensure your child is safe and protected at all times.

matchfire - 6 Important Home Safety Rules Your Child Must Know

1. Not to Play with Fire

The dangers of fire should be made very clear to your child from an early age. Children are curious of nature, and will more than likely at some point try to touch flames or play with matches. Be very clear that playing with fire or matches is dangerous and not allowed, even when you are around.

2. Where to Get the Emergency Contact List

Your child should know how to use the phone in the case of an emergency. He should also know where to find the contact numbers of emergency services, your own and your spouse’s numbers, as well as that of the police. This list should be accessible and visible – consider putting it on the fridge.

exit - 6 Important Home Safety Rules Your Child Must Know

3. Know Where the Escape Exits Are

You should have a set escape plan for emergencies, and your child must be aware of the specifics of this plan. This ensures they know exactly where to go or how to react in the case of a fire, break in, or hurricane. Teach your child basic CPR and be sure they know what to do in emergency situations.

4. Not Open the Door for Strangers

This is an old one, but still relevant. You should teach your child not to open the door for strangers and that anyone they do not know or recognize should not be on your property. To prevent that they open the door, install security cameras so they can see who is there.

5. Keep Away from the Medicine Cabinet

Firstly, your medicine cabinet and any hazardous chemicals should not be kept in reach of your child. Secondly, you should teach them that the medicine cabinet is a no-go area, and that only adults may access it. Older children should be supervised when accessing the medicine cabinet too.

wtersfety - 6 Important Home Safety Rules Your Child Must Know

6. How to Practice Water Safety

A young child should never be left unsupervised in a bath tub or close to a swimming pool. There are many cases where children were left unattended and drowned. Children should be supervised and taught basic swimming techniques from a young age. They should also know not to mix water and electricity and the dangers thereof.

With these very basic safety rules, your child should do just fine when you are not at home while at work. Be sure to go through your home safety rules now and then to check that your child knows them.

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