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Childproofing 101: Top Six Tips on How to Childproof Your Home

We’re pretty sure you’ve already taken the obvious and necessary precautions to child-proof your home for your little ones. The truth of the matter is that the best way to childproof, is to be with your child every waking moment of every day. That is however not possible, now is it?

We’ve compiled a list of tips on how to childproof you house and ensure you can go about cooking or working without worrying about anything going wrong.

#1: Install Smoke and Fire Detectors

You can also install some carbon monoxide detectors too. The objective here is to make your home safe for children and anyone living there. Be sure to check the batteries now and then and replace them. Having these detectors will ensure you and your loved ones will know if there is a fire.

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#2: Secure Windows

Firstly, make sure that any furniture like couches or chairs that your child can climb on is far away from windows and screens. Install metal window guards to ensure windows can only open a little. The best option of course is to install windows that only open at the top.

#3: Move Heavy Furniture

While you think your chest of drawers is not a safety hazard, little ones can easily bump into or cause heavy furniture pieces to topple and fall. The same goes for television sets. Install brackets to fasten heavy pieces of furniture to walls, and secure television sets with straps for extra precaution.

#4: Leave Shoes at the Front Door

Kids love eating strange objects and things that they find on the floor. This includes gravel and shoes too. To be sure your child won’t be tempted, let there be a no-shoe policy and leave shoes at your house’s entrance. This is great for everyone in the household, as we carry all sorts of muck on our shoes.

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#5: Check Water Temperature

Firstly, you’ll need to check that your hot water tank is set on a child-friendly temperature. This can be anything between 45 and 54 degrees. Next, you can buy faucets and showerheads that automatically switches off when the water reaches a specific temperature.

#6: Get an Inspector In

Still not sure if your house is childproof or not? Why not contact a professional to inspect your home and identify any other possible safety hazards? If you find a reputable company, they will do a thorough survey and provide you with solutions on any other safety hazards in your home.

Making sure your house is childproof is not an option, but a requirement, especially if you have infants in the house. Be sure to take extra precaution on fire hazards too. Here is an insightful article that points out common fire hazards and how to prevent them.

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